Dr. Bluto's goal is to provide personalized, and professional Physiatry Medical Legal Expert Witness services; to provide medical opinions, thorough clinical evaluation, and factual testimony in a fair and impartial manner, and to convey the medical ramifications of the case at hand.

Marsha Bluto, M.D., FAAPMR is a Board Certified Physician of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; and with her Stanford training, burgeoning practice, and her progressive practice in Marin County, California, she is happy to provide her perspective on medical legal cases locally and statewide.  

Dr. Bluto will provide you an in-depth analysis of the medical records and radiologic studies done,  addressing all of the medical legal issues of your case.  Dr. Bluto will prepare a detailed written report of her opinions and the facts on which those opinions are based.  Dr. Bluto provides trustworthy body motion testing, electromyography, gait analysis, basic neurologic evaluation, consulting, evaluation, thorough imaging review, litigation support and expert witness services, as well as evaluation and treatment of individuals and populations with physical injuries which may be related to a legal claim.

Dr. Bluto will also perform an independent medical exam review of your case, and will happily provide you a second option of expertise for your case.  She can expedite the turn around on these reviews if requested, and appointments can usually be scheduled within 3 days if of immediate concern.

Dr. Bluto will testify as a medical expert witness but must first determine if the case at hand is meritorious before she will be retained as the medical expert witness.

With Dr. Bluto as your medical expert witness you will work directly with her and her office staff. Communication with the Doctor will be as easy as a telephone call or e-mail. Scheduling is responsive to your needs and Dr. Bluto will be available to you for conferences and testimony with 24 hours notice.

Retaining Dr. Bluto:  We are sensitive to your need for flexibility in scheduling and the time constraints associated with expert medical legal services and expert testimony. Dr. Bluto will work directly with you to meet those needs and provide the expert Orthopedic Surgery medical legal support you need to the conclusion of your case.

Our office can accommodate rush cases and short deadline cases easily and with no additional charge.

Remember, when you retain Dr. Bluto as your forensic Physiatric medical legal expert, you will have her direct telephone number and e-mail address. She will be available to discuss your case and any issues as they arise.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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